Friday, December 26, 2008


Sports day? already? oh no!!!

Still smarting from the experience of a year ago, this didnt come as a welcome announcement. I felt slightly better when i was told that there were no parent-child races. But when i entered the campus, i saw a victory stand.

A victory stand? For kids this age? I snorted in controlled fury.

The program, after the usual speeches and stuff had a most delightful pom pom dance where all the kids generally did their own thing inspite of the teachers' animated attempts to show them which step was next!

Then it was time for the races.

They started with the pre-schoolers. Simple...they had to run, hug their teacher and get back to the finish line. Simple? Think again. The whistle blew and they all started off merrily enough...till they spotted their teacher looking mighty unnatural with open arms and all. Two kids stopped in their tracks. Literally! Another took one look at the teacher and began to bawl but the winner was certainly the one who ran past the teacher and into the parent's stand where she grabbed her mom's leg and refused to let go. Needless to say everybody except the teacher laughed till they cried...the teacher i think might have just cried.

My little boy was in the third race. The Henny Penny Race.

They had to run, pick up an egg, run some more, pick up another egg and then run again and deposit both the eggs in the baskets kept at the end of the track.

There he was before the whistle blew, wrestling with another kid. I knew just what to expect.

Get, Set, GO!! and they were off. Not bad i thought, atleast he is running this time!! i watched with great fondness as he picked up one egg and then went on to pick the other one up without getting distracted. Before i knew it, the race was over and i was left happy coz i saw him finish the race and yet i had this niggling feeling that just wouldnt go away.

Could it? Naah. But wasnt he.... Well..... hmmm....really?? CANT BE decided moi.

The winners were being gently shoved to the victory stand. And YES!!!!! THERE HE WAS!!! A PODIUM FINISH...WOW!!! My view was suddenly blocked by the teachers and I couldnt make out what was happening till the chief guest was called to give away the medals... and then it happened. That moment when you stop breathing and the whole world goes on mute and slow motion because you are seeing something truly unbelievable...

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Henny Penny CHAMPION '08-09....

JUNJUN!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

ps : my attitude towards victory stands has undergone a remarkable nay a drastic change :p

Friday, December 19, 2008

Growing up pangs

When he was around three years old...

Junjun, i LOVE you!!

i LOVE you amma!!

When he is almost four...

Junjun i LOVE you!!



Monday, December 1, 2008

Taste of one's own medicine

Arjun licks his plate clean of every molecule of sauce, then comes and sits next to me and begins to dip his gooey finger into my plate

Hey arjun!! This is MY sauce

Amma, you should SHARE!!

:) :)

Welcome Mrs Clinton!!

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

I am beginning to really like obama!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Nothing like death to put things into perspective.

Friday, November 28, 2008


The soldier settled down to the normal middle class life of a State Government Employee. Had kids and then some more. One day his wife fell ill and needed a blood transfusion. The docs gave her blood of a different group. She died.

The rest of his life he spent making ends meet while bringing up his five kids. I do not know if he was a good father or husband or even if he was a particularly good human being. But what i always will cherish for the rest of my life is that we had the coolest grandfather in the whole world!

I see so much of him in Junjun. The expressions on his face, the unending imagination, the impromptu dances and so much more. And this I have written so that when he grows up, Junjun will know what absolutely amazing stock he comes from!!

Achacha (for some reason we ended up calling him that although he was my mother’s father) passed away in his late eighties and at his funeral, there was much fondness and much laughter as all his children and we his grandchildren recounted the various tales we had heard over the years. Surprisingly, each one of us had heard more or less the same stories.

I suppose because they were all true :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Part 4

I don’t know from what and I don’t know how. But he once rescued a boy who turned out to be the son of one of the elders of an African village. In return for his brave gesture, he was invited to a feast in his honour.

Quite thrilled he was…till he saw a man bearing on a plate, the head of a goat.

He hoped against hope but the plate surely and steadily made its way towards where he was sitting and was placed with great ceremony right in front of him.

He looked around and smiled questioningly.

They told him happily - as the chief guest, it was his honour to eat the eye of the goat.

The eye of the goat. All his.

He looked around again to see all eyes on him. Suddenly they looked like people one would not like to mess with. So he gulped. Prayed. Smiling, he dug out the eye and popped it into his mouth. Bit into it. Pretended to chew and then swallowed, with tears in his eyes.

A great cheer accompanied his swallow. The feast was officially underway.

There were no more acts of rescuing by that particular soldier.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Part 3

He was a soldier.

Crossed half the Sahara on foot.

Never forgot to mention how everyone in that group licked their lips anytime someone took a leak.

The bullet burn on his scalp was soon visible as his hair began to thin and a question on that scar would see him proudly launch into the ethics of warfare …

“There are certain rules a side observes and one of these is to never shoot at someone’s back. But the enemy didn’t have any such code of ethics. They actually shot when I wasn’t facing them!

And when the self righteous cries died down, he would whisper with a twinkle in his eye…I wasn’t facing them because I was running for my life!!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Part 2

An anniversary.

A day special enough for him to hire a taxi and take her to a movie. The evening was perfect … till the drive back home.

The taxi man swerved sharply to take a turn and she had no time to stop herself from falling heavily onto her husband and grappling him to retain her balance. The taxi man took a quick look in the rearview mirror to see if they were okay and this is what he saw or rather heard (but in malyalam)

" LADY!! What will your husband say if he sees you behaving like this??!!"

She did not speak to him for about a month after that particular anniversary celebration.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Part 1

He saw her walking down the street.

He could not see her face.

All that he saw was her thick long long long black hair,lovingly entwined to form a luscious plait.

He fell and fell hard. Without even seeing her face.

They got married and as night dawned, he waited anxiously for his bride. His bride with the beautiful long black hair.

She came. Closed the door behind her. Turned slightly away from him and started unbraiding her hair.

He watched in awe.

She unbraided her hair half way up and then removed that part of her hair and hung it up on a hook on the wall.

And they managed to live quite happily ever after.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"i wonder what i did to deserve this"...

Its amazing how you go from saying this with a sense of wonder and awe... to three years later, when you are saying the very same thing while pulling your hair out.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


If that is what it takes to be

A heroine in mythology

Boy am i glad i'm only human

Someone who'll fade into oblivion!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Shy Gal

Junjun, did you finish all your lunch?

Yes Amma!!

Super...did your teacher say 'good boy'?

No Amma.

Why da?

I think she was shy.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

...and we're back!

Just read my previous entry and realized i sound like i am moving to a different planet. Actually, we just moved to a neighbhouring state. One which amazes me because :

1. A minimum of two cleavages appear in the daily newspaper (remember how our parents had to FORCE us to read the newspaper...well our generation will have to HIDE it from our kids)

2. A fellow parent at jun's new school moans about not having a maid although she has a driver, a cook, AND a 'helper' boy. she doesnt have a job AND they are a NUCLEAR Family. Talk about a tough life.

3. Everybody speaks different languages

4. I found out that best friends are always the best...even if you are getting back together eons later.

4. Doesnt matter where you eat, the food is FANTASTIC!

5. People are either very well turned out or are wearing something that is 'in' and looks totally gross on them

6. Three different people had this to say when i told them we had just moved from coimbatore " Oh, we were also in Chennai for a few years" (hunh???)

7. There are a zillion ways to spend money.

On the flip side,

Jun's school is not as good as his earlier one. UKG will definitely see him somewhere else.

But this place is exciting.

It is new, young and stylish...not to mention expensive.

Here is a toast to Chiranjeevi land. Rajini rules! ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008


No more folks round the corner. No more emergency calls home. No more importing idly batter. We are going to be on our own.

Maybe for the first parents, no inlaws...just the three of us.

New place, people, language. New school, teachers and timings. New home, maid and milkman. Everythings going to change.

Change they say is good.

I shall know shortly.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Amma, you have it on your fingers also?


Your legs also?


amma, everywhere?

yes da....

amma then WHERE can i kiss you??

:) :) :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Just when you think you have life all figured out...

It gives you chicken pox

About twenty years too late.

Lesson learnt.

Monday, October 13, 2008


One gets raped

Another gets canonized

And life just goes on


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fishy stuff and chips

All of us have a self image. When it comes to the way one looks, i think i have mine down pat.

Pleasant looking. Rather forgettable for the first couple of meetings. Then i kind of grow on people and they start to notice that i actually have a rather nice smile. Then people get to know me even better and realize i have nice hair. Then they get to know me some more.... but draw a blank. The smile and the hair. My two complimentable points.

Since i am not really competitive or terribly self concious in any sense of the word, i have lived all the years of my life quite happily, first savouring the occassional "you are the older one?" (my poor younger sister had the misfortune of growing much taller than me) and now, the odd " you have a three and a half year old son?"???? that pops up.

So imagine my utter shock when i was buying some chips and other unhealthy stuff when the boy who was catering to me suddenly asked "madam actress aa?"

Quite sure that i definitely could not have heard what i definitely DID hear, i said "aaa??"

"Madam actress??" he said more confidently.

"No" i said.

"Actress madhiri irukkureenga" he said.

"Two hundred rupees billikku ithu ellam kidaikuma?" i grinned and asked the man at the billing counter whose face was oscillating quizzically between the boy and me.

As it turned out, the billing not-so-gentle-man turned out to be the villain of the piece. "Summa solriya nijamma solriya da?" he asked the boy, jolting me violently from cloud nine.

"ille nijammathaan" said MY boy, still looking at me with stars in his eyes.

Big bounce, back to cloud seven.

I couldnt control my self any longer. "yentha actress"??? i asked

"athu pairu theriyathu madam" said MY boy. "aana unga mathiri than iruppanga. ditto"

i laughed....hopefully the way a not so famous actress does. The boy smiled back shyly. The villain looked like he could slap MY boy and fire him for good. So i quickly said thank you and made a hasty exit.

And i smiled all the way back to the car.


But i still smile :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

High lows

Junjun high up in a plane

"why is the driver-man driving the plane so slowly?" so happy the stud pilots couldnt hear him!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spidey Smells!!

We are on our way out and junjun sees me staring at my dressing table. He instinctively seems to know what i am trying to decide.

Amma, you like perfume no?

Oh yes!!

i will buy you spiderman perfume, ok?

Spiderman perfume? There is a perfume called 'spiderman'???

No AMMA!! It is the perfume that spiderman uses!!!!!

oh ok (gulp)...thank you arjun.

My pleasure amma!!


Monday, September 22, 2008

No way!

I have found out the arjun is not just jealous or possessive.

He is INSANELY jealous and possessive.

I dont like it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hangman Horror

I was half inside my cupboard trying to get some sort of order in there when i heard a voice behind me...

"amma, can i hang you"?

I froze.

Always thought it took people atleast 5 years of knowing me before emotions including hanging and having me quartered come up.

I took a deep breath and turned around.

Junjun was holding up a metal clothes hanger.

"amma, can i hang you up"?


Monday, September 15, 2008

mera chand ka tukda

Last night, there was this full beautiful moon in the sky.

Obviously, i had to point it out to junjun

"arjun, look! Isnt the moon soooooooo beautiful?"

"yes amma.... it is not broken today!!"


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...coz i'm not superstitious!

I love our resident black cat. He makes it impossible for most people in our colony to heed the most common superstition one has ever heard. Just as a car purrs to life, so does this little one, walking right across its path! People shudder, laugh hesitantly, look at their watches, say a prayer and continue on their way.

Some times, it just isn't convenient to be superstitious.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008



How deliciously scary.


Got a t-shirt for arjun with our kind of modesty

"Probably the coolest kid in the whole world"


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gosh, its been a while.

Balancing the little bit of consulting that i do with managing a family has taken its toll on my blogging. Mornings have become replicas of those portrayed in taare zameen par...except, its worse. So a short getaway to chennai for the long weekend? Heaven!!

No visit to chennai is complete without going to spencer plaza and buying a ridiculously overpriced toy from landmark. But this visit, i truly enjoyed.

" Junjun, you want the Doctor set or the cooking set?"

"you sure?"

" sure you dont want the doctor set"?

i couldnt help singing : "My future is so bright i gotta wear shades...." :) :)

After this lovely start to the day, we saw some video games in an almost shady corner of the food court. Arjun and S (his cousin) - fingers itching, begged for a chance to play. S played merrily, making spiderman run into walls over and over again. But no one could understand what arjun's convict-on-the-run was doing.

Exasperated that he was wasting his time making his convict stop every few steps, i started cheering him..... "make him run junjun, make him run".

But no. All i got was a dirty look from my son.

i looked at the screen again. Yup. The Convict was definitely supposed to be running away. I explained that to arjun and then i got this response.

AMMA! Cant you see the traffic light? Only when it is green, he can go!!

I know now that my son is going to grow up into a law abiding citizen.

If only because, he doesnt stand a chance as a convict on the run.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sharing is Caring!!

Junjun!!!! Why did you bring back so much of your lunch?

I thought i would leave some for you and acha.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Movie Weekend

I was in the theatre watching the opening credits of 'Kuselan'when i got a call from my sibling.

'Whats up?' she said
'I am in the theatre watching Kuselan', said moi
Oh you poor thing! she said

That should have told me what to expect. But hey, i was about to have the 'rajini' experience on day 3 of a movie release!! nothing could dampen my enthusiasm.

waaaaah. 3 hrs of my life spent in total boredom, waiting for the 'fantastic' last twenty minutes of the movie... which turned out to be, well, not all that fantastic and certainly not worth tolerating the oh-so-gross antics of vadivel for the better part of three hours. Maddy ofcourse thought that nayanthara played an important role in the film and the (totally unnecessary) rain number was, he felt, a turning point, nay a 'curving' point in the movie :)

So finally,nothing dampened my enthusiasm for the movie except for the movie itself. sigh.

Cut to Jaane tu - i watched this before watching Kuselan, and it now became a fantastic movie from a nice, simple, sweet movie. The best part of this one was that every character makes an impression. really. And THAT i think is no easy task. The new Khan had nothing going against him. And the pedigree couldnt hurt either. Genelia didnt have much to say...and was therefore surprisingly tolerable. The other Khans were ridiculous and charmingly so. Rathna Pathak Shah is what i think i will be when arjun is older. Naseerudin Shah has obviously had a blast playing his role. All the other cameos make a distinct impression and somehow, have all in their own way, made this story come together. Over all a lovely movie with lots of things that will make you smile and maybe even guffaw. Would prescribe it as an antidote to the K movie anyday!!

Arjun's take - watched jaane tu fully and slept off half way through Kuselan.

I rest my case.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Un-Quotable quotes

Arjun at the dentist : But amma, i LIKE my dirty teeth!

Arjun at Thatha's house : Why should i say excuse me? That noise did not come from my mouth...!

Arjun at home : Amma, are you my sister?


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sexual Discrimination?

Sad but true.

A three and a half year old boy can and does actually discriminate between sexes.

The ladies in his school are called 'aunty' and the men are 'that yoga guy' and 'the music man'

...and that is nothing compared to what happened the other day when i told him i need to go to the doctor. He says to me, 'Amma, dont lift up your shirt for the doctor okay?"

Recovering quickly from my shock i asked as cockily as i possibly could - 'and why not'?

Pat came the reply - 'because only boys should do that. YOu are a girl!'

Did NOT lift my shirt for the doctor :)

Still, i cannot help but wonder.

What does he know? What doesn't he know? What all goes on in that little head?!?!

Sure beats me.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cracking Credibility

Made jun bunk school yesterday coz he was wheezing and puking and the lot.

He was fine today and went to school. On his return this is the conversation that ensued.

Did ur teacher ask you why you missed school yesterday?


What did you tell her?

I told her amma said i can watch tv so i was too busy watching tv to come to school.

I am currently still pale and seriously contemplating a burkha when i go to drop him off tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My l'il Salman Khan

Junjun had this conversation with an elderly lady sitting behind me at the doctor's clinic

Lady : Which school are you in?

Junjun : England Public School (HUNH??!)

Lady smiling : Oh...where is this school?

Junjun : You have to go straight, then turn right then turn left and then go straight and my school will come off. That is my school.

Lady (grinning away with the rest of the clinic ) : and which class are you in?

Junjun : The class that is next to the play area no, that class. It has lots of windows like a train no, that one.

At this moment, the doctor arrived and junjun screamed "yippeee dr soumya has come yippeee i have to lift my shirt"

:) :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The wish

She (looking at her wardrobe) : hmmmm what shall i change into....?

He (with lots of hope in his earnest voice) : a beautiful girl?


No relationship is perfect. But there are those moments of perfection.
Sometimes characterized by lots of screams as the he gets walloped by the she...joined by a third pair of little hands that just didnt want to miss any of the fun.

perfection :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

That eternal question

Junjun on 3rd day of school

why do i have to go school everyday, again and again?
i want to go to office with acha and make BUCKS...waaaaah.

we wish! ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Kahlil Gibran rocks.

On Children
Kahlil Gibran

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

For those of you who liked this and have not read Gibran also putting down my all time fav :

On Marriage
Kahlil Gibran

Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The first day

Arjun's first day in school sets a new record in the family.

He misses it.

Doctor says he is wheezing too much. Two days no school.

This isnt exactly how i thought things would work out.

But two more whole days with him....yippeeeeeeeeee.

Not a model mom. I know.

But who cares!!!!!!! ;)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

According to Jun...

...there is night time and sun time

...ten is followed by eleventeen

...the parrot on the wire is not flying because its batteries have died

...acha is pokey pokey and amma is not (thankfully...coz he is talking about stubble!)


The letter has come. Junjun starts REAL school on the 9th of June.

It feels like three and a half years of my life is disengaging itself from me and leaving me with nothing.

Time to go find myself a job.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

One for the road.

There really is no such thing as a 'Lady Driver'.

Because it is impossible to be very lady-like when one is driving.

Men and their fragile road-egos.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Something i dont want to forget.

"Honesty without care is conceit"

Sunday, May 25, 2008


How people can change always astonishes me.

Earlier, you see a love struck couple walking hand in hand and you smile wistfully.

Now you see one and think....."someday, you guys are going to have a huge row over who was supposed to pay the phone bill!" smirk smirk

Earlier, you see a baby and go awwwwwwwwwww

Now you see one and think ...boy, am i glad i crossed that stage!

Earlier, the kitchen is a place you visit to find something to eat.

Now, the kitchen is a place you live in while the rest of the world visits to find something to eat.

Earlier, nothing brings you more happiness than seeing the face of the love of your life.

Now, nothing brings you more happiness than seeing your maid everyday.

Earlier, when mom visited a furnishing/crockery shop, you would quickly excuse yourself and run to the sexy footwear shop next door

Now, you get totally turned on by those very shops you avoided like the plague.

Earlier you would never use the term 'turned on' with relation to anything that wasn't male and good looking.

Now, you apparently do.

c'est la vie!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love me for a reason.. (dont)

I love you amma.

hunh? wow! " why da "?

because your t-shirt smells so nice.


of all the nice things he could have said!

Lesson learnt : do NOT question the good things in life.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Maddy was looking sad.

He had bought a cute little model of superman for arjun.

Arjun took it, apparently examined it fully, and then said, " he does not have wheels - i dont want " and went back to playing with his cars.

Maddy is still looking sad.


Sunday, May 11, 2008


How many moms tell their sweet little trusting child that a red-green chilly is actually a green chilly FRUIT and is as SWEET as a green chilly is hot? The said naive child actually bites into the red-green chilly with gusto and as the chilly burns her mouth and tears stream down her face, her mom giggles and giggles and giggles some more.

Everyone, meet my mom.

She never helped with school work. I mean NEVER. The closest she got to something like that was when she completed a piece of embroidery for my SUPW Class. My teacher saw it the next day and said it was so terrible that she would have to call my MOM and show it to her! Gosh how we laughed that day!

When it came to behaviour and the like, spare the rod and spoil the child policy ruled. The rod in this case was whatever comb or hairbrush was closest to mom. That was enough to instil the fear of god in me. So i ended up being the child that other children hated because their parents thought i was perfect. Unfortunately, i actually was.

The irony of the situation is that today she heads an educational institution where people get sacked if they so much as touch a child! But the fact that she holds such a responsible position does not stop her from cheating in ANY game that she plays. Be it scrabble or rummy, my dad, sibling and i always have to keep an eye on her. Sometimes, even that doesnt help.

She cooks amazingly when she wants to. She knows the name of every bird, plant and flower on the planet. She actually goes trekking..and she is fifty five. She has a love for dancing that we have inherited. I cant say much about talent...but love, yes. She has read more books than anyone else i know. Junjun adores her. Her students keep in touch after decades of leaving school. Actually everyone who knows her, totally loves her.

But not more than i do.

Happy Mother's Day Amma!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Its all in the game!

Three little boys playing cricket. Average age : 4.

Ball is soft, yellow and has a smiley face on it. Bats - neon green and pink.

We were ready.

Batsman stands like Bheema holding his mace. Obviously misses the ball.


Bowler bowls to the batsman and in some science defying angle, the ball bounces back and socks the bowler in the eye.

More Bawling

The bowler bowls to the batsman. The ball moves so slowly towards the batsman that the fielder decides he has had enough. He actually fields the ball BEFORE it reaches the batsman

Some more bawling

The batsman is told to LOOK at the ball. He does exactly that, eyes popping out, and doesn't even attempt to hit it. When asked why...

Even more bawling

Batsman misses the ball and reacts by throwing the bat at the bowler

The fielder joins in with a nicely aimed throw.

Spectator is torn between laughing and well...laughing some more. No way was i going to break this up!!

Be strong Chennai Kings...i dont see heirs for a really long time ;)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coz we are living.....

A family friend who came visiting got the ultimate compliment from junjun :

" i am going to buy myself a vasant uncle. He is so nice! "

....Cheers to love in a material world!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sensibility Alert.

My learning for the day :

Little boys can actually pee into a fresh bucket-full of bathwater

Its nice to know that life has not become predictable yet.


Friday, April 18, 2008


Holidays are a really nice time...when you are a STUDENT!!!

For a mother of a three year old, having the said three year around ALL the time needs a bit of getting used to!

Arjun, dont watch so much tv! Why dont you play some music instead?

I see him heading towards the music system and go into the kitchen

When i come back, both the TV AND the Music system are on.

"one for amma and one for arjun" he says happily.

I am fighting a losing battle.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


There are some times when it is difficult to digest that i had anything to do with bringing up junjun. Like when i caught him drawing on the mirror with his saliva.


Monday, March 31, 2008

Junjun Remix

Stop says the Green light, Go says the...

arjun, isnt it 'Stop says the Red light'??

no amma, this is different song.

i doubt whoever thought of educating-through-music bargained for a little creativity throwing a spanner in their works!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My li'l zebra

Our faces are still hurting a bit from smiling so much.

The hall was filled with the children's parents, grandparents, friends, relatives, neighbhours, countrymen and i suspect it was with great difficulty that people left their pets at home.

Everybody cheered for every child as if he/she was their own. One child sang a really long classical music-ish prayer song and gave all the parents including us a complex(ex : gosh...arjun can barely sing ba ba black sheep correctly!!)

Another little boy actually gave the welcome address, all in one breath, without missing a beat and didnt help our self esteem one bit.

When it was arjun's turn to come on stage, maddy and i were pretty calm and collected if one did not notice our tightly held hands. Our zebra, wearing a pair of zebra striped dungarees with a white shirt, didnt let us down. When a hand pushed him on to the stage from the wings, he kind of hop-ran and took his place and kept peeping at the teacher in the wings. Then he gave up on her and started biting his nails and scanning the audience for us ... which was okay because all eyes were on the wailing little lion who kept walking into the wings and then kept getting shoved right back on stage. He was the real star of the show...tears and all :)

Needless to say, they got a thunderous round of applause like everybody else :)

So it was not as bad as we thought it would be.

junjun went happily to school today when i told him 'no more dancing'. Still feels strange saying that to a boy who sets the floor on fire when he dances at home!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dance Dodger

We had just about succeeded in developing selective amnesia about 'Sports Day' when the school actually thought it a good idea to send us a CD of the photographs of that .. ahem..special ocassion !?!

Now the note in his diary said we were to pay a certain amount for the video recording and costume for the ANNUAL DAY. I felt the undeniable stirrings of unease.

Rehearsals for the dances started. But that nagging feeling wouldn't go away.

My fears, it seems, were not unfounded.

Today i got called into the school with an ominous 'madam wants to talk to you'

Heart in mouth, i went in. There sat the principal of the play school, looking particularly woeful. I said Hi. And this is what i got in return.

"Arjun is JUST not dancing. He says the music is not nice and he doesn't like this dance. He says he will dance only to the music that comes from the music system in his house. One whole week, we have been talking to him trying to convince him to dance but he just refuses.

Yesterday, he started crying. First he was in a different dance but now we have put him in the simple 'zoo baby' dance. Here he is a zebra and just has to jump up and down and he refuses to do even that. Seeing him, the kids who were dancing properly are also not dancing. Please talk to him! "

Had it not been for her angst filled expression,I would have laughed my heart out and given her a big hug. I suspected she would take serious offence if i even smiled. So i solemnly promised to talk to him.

Back home,i asked him why he was not dancing. "That dance is not nice amma. I like jab-we-met music only. i will dance at home amma. i DONT like to dance in school'

After a lot of coaxing and cajoling i finally gave in to the highly undesirable but effective method of getting things done from a three year old. Bribery and corruption.

"Arjun, if you dance really well, Acha and i promise to take you to xyz rides. But i will check with your teacher, ok?"

Arjun has promised to dance 'very very well'

March 22nd is the day of reckoning. I am kinda hoping a certain jumpy zebra will be the star of the show...but that nagging feeling is just not going away....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The numbers game

Amma, what is your number?


Your NUMBER amma??

My phone number?

No amma your NUMBER.

I dont know...what is YOUR number?


oh...err.... mine is beep beep

Ohhhhh so much big number?


Monday, March 10, 2008

Cricketing Chaos?

Disclaimer : I am not even half way through to being a cricket enthusiast.

Having said that, what i do know is that to function effectively as a team, people need to be able to get along fairly decently. And they need to feel a sense of loyalty. From this point of view, i fear for the IPL Teams.

I suspect the dynamics within each team in the IPL will be far more entertaining than their on field exploits. I wont be surprised if a whole new gendre of tabloids are born to feed off this event. "Robin Uthappa admits its easier to play against Bangalore when he thinks of its awful traffic". Ricky Ponting, on his dismal batting performance says 'For the money you are paying me, this is all you are going to get mate!

I can just see Team Management rushing to all the Team Building Programs flourishing today. Only, post the program, the players might chant 'I am special' over and over or worse, decide to focus on their 'Real' selves.

'Who am I?' 'What do i want from life?' Eternal doubts raised forever!!

My frivolous thought process apart, i have heard that the more developed nations now think India is a rich country post Mukesh Ambani's richest-man-in-the-world news and the IPL Auction. So organizations involved in charity and social developmental projects are now shifting their focus to Africa. They actually think India has it made. Harried Indians in those countries are trying desperately to get these people's attention back to the fact that it is the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer scenario. Who would have thought of such repercussions?

There is something so terribly unsettling about this whole thing.

Friday, March 7, 2008

This one is for the ladies

I tried posting this earlier but didnt do it too well. Something wrong with the visual. So i shall, instead, type out the words and hope the effect is not lost.
Being Women's Day and all that, i guess its appropriate i post it today. Thank you Ani for sending this to me :)

Dear Lord,

I pray for Wisdom, to understand a man
Love, to forgive him
And Patience, for his moods
Because Lord, if i pray for Strength
I'll just beat him to death.

Happy Women's Day everybody!! ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A love-ly story

There was this boy and girl. They were friends. They had not even finished school. The boy decides this is the girl he wants to marry. And tells his mom. Not the girl. His Mom. Mom sits him down and tells him that a girl (and she should know) will want to marry a boy who is 'well-settled' so she knows he can take good care of her. So first, he would have to finish his studies, get a really good job and earn lots of money before he puts this idea across to to the girl or she was just going to say no.

Boy thinks about this. His marks undergo a dramatic improvement in school. One day he overhears an uncle who was an engineer being referred to as being 'well-settled' Believes being an engineer would make one well settled. Goes on to finish his engineering. Gets recruited by a really really big software firm, and goes on to do very well there. By now, he can smile about that girl and how he felt for her. Goes on to meet his soul mate through an arranged marriage. Lives happily ever after.

I love the role played by the mom in this story. I know one day arjun will feel this way. I hope and pray that he will come and talk to me about it and that i can deal with it as sweetly and as sensibly as this mom did.

Moms Rule!!!! ;)

Saturday, March 1, 2008


This totally escapes me.

Deepika Padukone who must be all of ..i dont know...21??...saying the secret of her 'youthful' skin is Fiama Di Wills.

I am so beginning to relate to whoever said youth is wasted on the young.

I guess this means i have just declared myself middle aged. At the least.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

No pun intended

So it was a sore throat day. And i headed towards the microwave to warm some water for a good salty gargle. Junjun sees me and this is what follows

What you doing amma?
I am going to warm it in the microwave
Amma!!!! Go to the bathroom...dont vomit in the microwave!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hubby Humour

Maddy says if i ever release a book of my recipes, i should name it :

"My Experiments with my Husband's life"

hee hee ha ha ho ho :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In sickness and in health

Poor Maddy had a bad bout of food poisoning and everything that went in, came right back out.

This is how junjun supported him in his time of need :

"Acha,that was so funny!!!... can you pl vomit again?

Out of the mouth of babes and all that jazz

Junjun, put away your toys...i dont want to see ANYTHING on the sofa

Why amma? Who is coming to our house?


Thursday, February 7, 2008


So amma, how was your day?


i have been waiting for the day junjun becomes taller than me so he can take over the horrendous job of cleaning the fans. To me, that would be payback time. But being asked how my day was - is in a different league altogether!! I can see myself getting used to this .... :) :)

Why i love my Gym

I don't have to keep an eye on anybody
I get to work up a sweat
I don't have to take care of anybody
I get taken care of instead
I do not have to go running after anybody
I have only my treadmill to please
I can just be me and have a good time
Selfish, guilt free and at ease :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

The joys of being a mother

Arjun : Amma, here , take.
Me : What is this?
Arjun : I dont know. I found it in my nose.


Monday, January 28, 2008

The Birthday Do

It was a lovely party :)

He got beaten up by a little lady six months younger to him.

The 3 candles were really well used as they were lit over and over again till all the kids had their turn blowing them out.

Each time someone else blew the candles, he bawled

He spat out the cake.

His presents got opened by someone else. One is still missing.

The best part of this birthday was the fact that for the first time, junjun seemed to know that he was the ocassion. We could see it on his face!

Next time though, a kiddie party minus the kids would be seriously considered!

Loo Blues

Arjun has learnt to use the bathroom all by himself ... most of the time. My core competency is surely and steadily becoming redundant.

Friday, January 18, 2008

January 18, 2008

And then he turned three :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A trip to the hills where nature's bountiful beauty is so in your face - puts things in perspective -like how deliciously insignificant one is in the grand scheme of things.

A lovely holiday. A special aunt for company along with my parents. A lovely park that junjun just wouldnt come out of. The most amazing boat ride of my life. Seeing elephants in the wild. Views that took my breath away (and almost some of my just eaten lunch too...) Lovely long drives on rubberized roads. And when we were back home, Junjun asking everyone whether we wanted to smell his feet.

A perfect holiday :)

Friday, January 11, 2008


School Fees : A tool used to contol a nation's population.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Taaren Zameen Par

I Bawled through taaren zameen par.

Now, i am no expert on movie making but i do believe that any movie that can actually make you feel you are able to relate to just about all the characters, is truly great. And i loved every minute of it. Every word, every scene and every song. First half, second half and well..even the middle half.

My mom used to tell me that to get your message across in simple language is more challenging than using big, bombastic language with long words and complicated sentences. I do believe the same challenge applies to movies as well. Aamir Khan (may his tribe increase) , in his simplicity, has achieved greatness. And i for one, totally love him now.

Dyslexia is really one of the more minor disorders children suffer. I must at this point, introduce my neighbours. Seven year old V has an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and S, who must be around nine, is classically autistic. Now this is where real life happily deviates from the movie. I have never seen parents who are so focussed, patient and persevering, so full of hope that some day soon their children will be like the others. The energy and patience they need to handle their children is immense. I once heard S's mother call him more than 28 times just to get his attention. Not once did her tone vary. It was the same insistent, affectionate tone over and over again.

Arjun's eczema, which for us, was the worst thing that could happen to any child, pales in comparison to the problems that these children and parents face. Frequent trips to NIMHANS, special schools, being pulled up by teachers over and over for being violent with other children, the social stigma, the inlaws, so many factors they have to juggle wth and still go on with the hope that some day, it will all be worth it.

It does seem true that these children have a special gift. S who is autistic, sings like an angel and plays the keyboard and mouth organ by ear! V has one of the most vivid rolls of imagination i have ever seen in any child. He once threatened to turn me into a rabbit if i dont let him play with arjun a little longer (i suspect Maddy and he became good friends after that particular incident)

Whether they have something they are good at or not, i think Aamir Khan got it right. Every child is special. And anyone who can see that is special too.