Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Unholy Shopping Expedition

I am not sure how to write this.
But write, i must...
or i will bust...
sorry... burst.

Jun and i went shopping. His underclothes were beginning to resemble a rare shade of greyish white and it was just time to throw them all out and get the poor guy some decent ones.

So there we were. I was looking through the various options that the shop had for size 55cm and arjun was wandering around the shop when i suddenly heard an 'aai'....i turned back and arjun and the shopkeeper were glaring at each other. I didnt see anything on the ground or anything broken so i told jun not to stand so close to the door and went back to my all exciting job of choosing under wear for my four year old.

About ten seconds later, the guy who was showing me the options started laughing out loud and i heard 'aai aaai' again. I turned to look at the cause of the furore and froze. There was my innocent little four year old, and a mannequin with a brassiere whose straps and cups seemed to have suddenly discovered gravity. ...everything was hanging down the arms and waist and for all intents and purposes the mannequin wasn't wearing anything any longer.

On my left i had one sales guy laughing his guts out and next to him the cashier glaring at arjun. Behind me, were two grinning lady customers who i could have hugged and kissed for just being there and not letting me be the only woman around when this happened.

My brave little one glared right back at everybody and looked at me questioningly.

I dragged him back to the counter and reprimanded him. Apparently i was not very effective. Barely had i turned my back on him when he rushed back to the re-dressed mannequin and put his hand down her cleavage. I was so stunned and must have looked it because arjun took the trouble to explain to me 'this is a pocket i think amma'.

Amma and son who then rushed out of the shop, had to be called back by the cashier to pay for what we had kept aside to be taken. Money and goods hastily exchanged hands.

As we tripped and stumbled out of the shop a second time, i couldnt help but glare at the busty mannequin and found much to my amusement, another little boy raising his hand to touch it.

As i crossed that shop, shouts of 'aai aai' rented the air and i had to double up with laughter and tears.

Arjun still has no clue what the fuss was about :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Repercussions - They knew a sucker when they saw one!! ;)

Boy, am i going to think twice about bursting into poetry
At every little thing that i see
Look at what the flirty pigeons did to me!!
I now look forward (a little anxiously)
To the flitter flutter of little wings in my balcony!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to kill a crossword

1. Settle down with the newspaper and a pencil in plain view of a four year old

2. When questioned, explain patiently how a crossword works

3. Smile indulgently when said four year old says 'i know numbers
also and alphabets also'

4. When he says 'can i do?', think 'wow! a perfect balance of education and entertainment!!'

5. Then watch in horror as four year old takes ten minutes to write 'axis' as 'axjs'

6. Watch all hope die as enthused four year old says 'now what number i must find?'

7. Take half an hour to spell 'deception'and get it written in the correct place

8. Mourn the demise of the erstwhile enjoyable crossword.

9. Make crosswords a highly classified activity - done only when the four year old is in school - hopefully getting his alphabets right!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The very well mannered child

Maddy had to go for a wedding with his colleagues and at the last minute decided to take arjun too. Since it would be the first time his team meets arjun, both of us gave jun a short but loaded refresher course on how he should talk sweetly, not make faces, hide behind maddy's leg, say his name when asked ...blah blah and some more blah

The two men went and when they came back, maddy tells me, 'i think we overdid the good manners part a little bit.'

Apparently, somebody said 'Hi' to junjun and he responded with 'Thank You'!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Sample Hyd

The bakery next to the flyover is called 'Flyover Bakery'
and a lingerie shop is called TITU'S !!!

how can anybody not love this city :)