Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mr Student

They were right.

Today, arjun went to school like a true professional. (If you dont take into account saying bye about 10 times to the automan!)

Did i mention that junjun's name in school reads 'arjun - PG II'?
Post Graduate? Naah.... PlayGroup!!! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Uh Oh!

The only objective of sending junjun to play school was so he could have lots of fun with other kids. Period. We really dont want him to learn anything. Just want him to have a ball before the responsibilities of real school begin.

Unfortunately, the novelty of school seems to have worn off. Protests to go to school - 'amma, pl tell auto man we go shopping, no want school' have become a daily affair. His 'bye amma' in a choked voice at the school gate makes me wonder whether we are doing the right thing.

The only reason i still take him there is because by the time i go to pick him up, he is his usual bright, cheerful self and has obviously had a fun time. People tell me its only natural and that he will settle down soon.

But the mornings are terrible.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The right baby

Maddy and i have watched with raised eyebrows as junjun Happily tripped along to school every day. Knowing the history of our attitudes to school we wondered whether they gave us the wrong baby at the hospital. Yesterday though, arjun screamed...'school VENDAAAA' ...

....and all is well with the world again :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The seat ;)

Arjun : Amma, come and sit on the cycle.
Me : I wont fit in da
Arjun : Why?
Me : The seat is too small
Arjun : Oh amma has beeeeg bum?

Me : (censored)


Monday, June 18, 2007

The first full day

I was tempted to make arjun bunk his first 'full-day' at pre school. He had slept for a mere 6 hours the night before. But then not wanting to feel like an indisciplined mother, i took him to school anyway. He went happily. He was not cranky. He apparently fell asleep WHILE having lunch :)

Fourth day of school and he gets kicked out for falling asleep. I dread to think what the future holds for us!

Note : Its funny how seperation anxiety is hitting me harder than him.... if it is hitting him at all.


Thanks to Deepak deciding to get married in far away kannur, we got a holiday we all desperately needed. The scenery, the climate, the people, the resort with the lovely swimming pool and the pleasant landscaping......but NO. Junjun's highlight of the journey was the bumpy BUS RIDE from the railway station to the resort ....with a close second being the train journey from home to kannur.

A universal bond between boys and wheels or the effect of having a tyre man for a grandfather? we will never know.

As we were leaving the resort, the manager, at his courteous best asked us when we are coming back for another visit. Maddy smiled and replied 'when he gets married' pointing to arjun. Arjun turned around and immediately asked maddy 'arjun getting married?'

It was great fun to see the smart-aleckish husband become totally dumbstruck for a change :) although, i must confess, he was not alone!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day I

Not one child cried.

It was such an anticlimax, it wasnt funny. I was all ready to preen over arjun as he remained his cool self while all the other kids bawled ... but they all settled down quite amicably with their little hammers and went about banging coloured balls through the holes in a box. I did catch myself telling junjun to play with his own balls and leave the other kid's balls alone. Took all my self control not to clutch my stomach and giggle away when i realized what i had just said :P

Five kids is a small class. But it has four boys and one girl. Maddy thinks for the 15 k we are paying, junjun getting just one girlfriend is a raw deal :)

We had barely come back home when junjun was out for the count. I'm loving it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Starting Pre-School

June 13th is going to be D Day. Arjun's first day in pre-school. I hope they are ready for him!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A synopsis

......what i missed writing about till now....FACT SHEET

Name : Jun Jun (yes, he will kill us when he is older ;)

Birthdate : 18th January, 2005

Physical characteristics :

1. Has gone through stages of looking like me then like his dad, then a mixture but right now : Looks more like his dad ...but has all my charm :)

2. Prefers to run rather than walk. But must mention that he looked like a little simba when he was crawling...with total attitude...toss of the head and always to a beat!

3. A mouth that is overworked already. He just doesnt stop talking!
(ex : yesterday morning he suddenly turned around while watching Dhoom 2 for the nth time and said 'amma, can i shoot you?' i just stared wondering if i had heard right when he realized he had said something wrong. so he quickly corrected his sentence to 'amma, PLEASE can i shoot you?)

4. Skin that is unfortunately like mine but that is getting better every day.

5. Has the cutest little dimple on his chin. (awwwww i know :)