Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NOT another brick in the wall...

Jun before science lesson :

Amma, i need to go to the bathroom.

Jun after science lesson :

Amma, my urinary bladder is full!!



What are man-made materials?

Jun's answer : Man made materials are materials made by people (both men and women)

Yay for gender equality!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Incredible Eva

This little gem comes from my sister. My two and a half year old niece has just joined a new day care in canada. She has made some new friends who obviously have very good taste as the ensuing conversation shows :

Little Boy : You are incredible!!

Eva : No, i am Eva. The Incredibles are at home!!!

Observations :

Yes, we are a very grounded family with both feet planted firmly on the ground!!

But ofcourse, the little boy got it absolutely right :)


Quilling Concerns!

Jun's ammamma taught him paper quilling and he does it really well.

But arjun had better use for the quilling needle.

"Amma, can i use the quilling needle and make you hair curly?"

My hair almost defied gravity and stood up pointing at the ceiling at the very thought of my son doing my hair.

My fighter pilot son is slowly flying away. Hello to my newly arrived jawed habib son!

Oh dear.