Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And he reads...

...stuff he doesn't have to.

In the supermarket, at a decibel level that can put microphones out of business for good,

"AMMA, it says 'buy one get one FREE' !!! TAKE IT, TAKE IT!!"


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why we just MIGHT...

...be doing UKG all over again...

Me : Did you sing your nursery rhyme today?

Jun : A little bit

Me : A little bit? What happened?

Jun : I sang 'paanch choti chidiyan khathi thi anaar, one chidiya flew away and then there were four'

Me (definitely going a little pale) : That is supposed to be a hindi rhyme!! Where did all that English come from?????

Jun : I forgot amma!!!

Me : What did your teacher say?

Jun : She said, "do you know one two buckle my shoe"

Me : You sang that properly?

Jun : Yes

I dont quite believe him.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One for the road...almost.

Nothing galls me as much as watching men relieve themselves in public.

Secondly, till i personally started supervising the laundry, i didnt realize that the briefs men wear are technically different from those made for women.

Both these facts came together in my head one morning as maddy and i were driving somewhere and yet again we saw a man doing it right out there for all and sundry to see!!

Me : Maddy!!!! i think i just found a solution to stop men from pissing in public!!!

Maddy : really? (grins)

Me : Yeah. They just have to stop making men's underwear in such a way that actually lets them do it without pulling their pants down!!

Maddy : Oh?

Me : Yeah. Dont you see...once the design is changed for good and does NOT facilitate this...well...umm ... whatever, no man will want to squat and do it right?

Maddy : Hmmm..ofcourse, that is considering that all these men who do it on the roads are actually wearing something inside.

Me : WHAT!!!Oh dear...ike that hunh?

Maddy : Yeah like THAT.

And thus ended yet another educational conversation with the husband.


Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yesterday, two horrible things happened.

First, the plane crashed. Not in my part of the city but since we are not far from the begumpet airport, they would often fly close to our apartment building. From my balcony, i could see 2/3 planes flying together. Though they did not do anything fancy, the very sound they made would get my heart beating faster and hair stand on end. It was awesome.

And then we got to know that one of them had crashed and the pilots had died and i for one, am feeling so so so sad...it was like i almost knew them. We have decided that come Sunday we will STILL go to the airshow.

The second horrible thing i got to know from my mom. She called, first to enquire if we were fine post the crash and second to warn me NOT to watch sun tv especially with arjun around. I actually forgot all about the call since i was kind of mourning the crash but come evening and maddy had heard about the news too. So he switched on the television.

I am no fan of godmen nor of actresses. But what i saw on tv physically repulsed me. NOT because a so called holy man was making out...as far as i know, hindu priests are not required to take any vow of celibacy and everybody is entitled to a personal life. But what kind of a mind would stoop to such a level where they go about installing a camera knowing exactly what the camera is going to capture and worse...how can a television channel air something like this?

Something very wrong happened yesterday and i think the swamiji is the least of our problems.