Thursday, July 30, 2009

My little genius

So what if we have done this together about 50 times before?

So what if jun took almost all afternoon to do it by himself?

So what if the chances are high that he had the pieces memorized?

My little four and a half year old just finished a hundred piece jigsaw puzzle all by himself!!!.

...and I think its a real big deal :)

ps : pl be kind and dont tell me if your kids have done the same or (horrors!) even more :p

Monday, July 27, 2009

That troublesome tattoo

So Hrithik is next in line.

Apparently the guy has tattooed his wife's name on his wrist!

I actually like Hrithik...i think he is the best indian dancer. Period.

But i genuinely feel a tad let down by this guy right now.

All the world was talking about his marriage being on the rocks and then he goes and tattoos his wife's name - not on more creative places..oh no...(whats the point if only the wife can see it???) but on the highly public ...wrist ?

It felt different when saif did it for kareena. He was and is not married to her so it was a brave thing to do methinks!

But Hrithik.....The lad doth proclaimeth too much (sorry mr bard!)

And here i have a husband who wont even wear the shirt-trouser combination i suggest.

I dont usually write this way about people but considering Hrithik was the love of my life (for one whole month after i saw kaho na pyar hai) ...couldnt he do something a teeny weeny bit more original!!!!???


Monday, July 20, 2009

The number game

Jun, I love you!

Amma, i love you TOO!!

Jun, i love you three

Amma, i love you TEN

Jun, i love you hundred

Amma, i love you thousand

Jun, i love you ten thousand

Amma, i love you thousand three hundred

Jun, its time to go to school.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The academic year starteth

Jun has started his UKG in the fourth school of his academic life till date. I suspect he thinks it is normal for everybody to move schools every six months.

Since we wanted him to go to a regular school and not an 'international' one as is the latest fad here in hyd, we smartly ended up putting him in a very reputed school that is ONLY about ten kilometers away!!! The School Bus takes more than an hour for a drive which is only twenty minutes so guess who gets to drive all those ten km back and forth twice a day for five days a week?? HA!

The good part is that since school starts a little early, and the roads are so beautiful, i love the whole experience. No sign of the infamous hyd traffic in this time zone...whooopeee. So the pick up is not so smooth but am managing. For now.

It is inevitable that we move closer to the school so i have blind dates with exciting brokers along the following lines : " pl come to x place at x time" At the designated time and place, my phone rings and i look around to see atleast five people have their phones near their ears and are looking around. So now, i very explicitly take my phone out and look around. Our eyes meet and a nod and i know - HE is the one!!

The HE(s) will invariably speak to me in hindi and then i enjoy watching their jaws drop as i respond in almost proper telugu. Cheap thrills, so what.

Jun still limps around but that doesn't stop him from doing anything. He still fakes illness when its time to go to school. Some day soon, he will figure out that maddy and i have been there, done dat. As of now, we have resorted to tried and tested bribery and corruption. As we suspected, it still works. Some shop is going to sell one of its remote controlled cars this weekend.

Money cant buy you love? Maybe, but it sure can send a weepy kid to school with a smile!! Who wants love when you can have relief!!! ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Boxer Babies

Dear Roxie's pups,

Welcome to the world!! Its quite a cool place...once you know your food and shelter are assured! You couldnt have been born to a more dog crazy family. Let me tell you something about your human parents. They are not all there:) But that hasnt stopped them from actually taking better care of you guys than i took of my very human son! Seven of you are no joke, you know.

Am so proud of your mom, roxie too ... pl treat her with a lot of respect as i suspect she is the most well travelled dog in your part of the world...her human parents never thought twice of driving all over the country with her. And her manners...i can go on and on but the bottom line is that although your mom and jun are more or less the same age, my son sure can pick up a thing or two on being well mannered from her!!!

Junjun by the way thinks roxie spat you out one by one. I hope its okay that i said that was exactly what happened.

Initially i was a little jealous that her gestation period was SO much shorter than mine; but when she landed up with seven of you as compared to my one, i was kinda glad to be human ;)

Once you are about one and a half months old, you will be ready to go to your new homes where each of you will be the darling of your families so you sure have something to look forward to!

I am also hoping that you bring in lots of moolah for my poor sister and brother in law who have spent a small fortune on you guys. Considering that you all come with your own certificates and all that jazz, i suspect that shouldnt be a problem :)You never know, someone reading this right now, might suddenly realize that their life is so incomplete without a darling little boxer in the family and will come forward to take one of you. Your stingy human mom ofcourse, wont even give me a commission but well...if your new owners are nice people, i guess thats all that counts!

So be good and enjoy bangalore, its almost as nice as hyderabad :p and dont be too cute or your human folks will find it very difficult to part from you guys and then we just cannot visit them if they have seven pups in the house!! So vamoose!!!!

With all my love,
Your very human, allergic-to-animals aunt.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The new man in our lives

Conversation while traveling from known point A to known point B

Maddy : Now both of you will have to promise not to talk

Us : Hunh?

Maddy : Bowing in front of his phone : Tell me Master, show me the way...!

( I swear I could hear ancient Kung Fu Masters squeal and curl their toes in agony)

The Man : Take a right after three hundred metres

Maddy : Arch, how far is three hundred metres?

Arch : How should I know?

Arjun : I think its very far away

Maddy : *Dirty Glare at arjun*

The Man : Now, take the left

Maddy : Ah! HE knows !!! grins

Jun and Me : *Dirty Glare*

The Man : After 750 metres, take a left

Maddy : Hunh?

Me : Loud wicked chuckle

Jun Jun : He is saying all wrong no acha ?

Maddy : cough cough

The Man : NOW take a left

Maddy coughs some more and I giggle

Arjun : I think he likes lefts no acha?

The Man : Go straight for 900 metres and then take the second left

Me : Loud cackles

Maddy : Arch, when you first came here, did you know everything about this city?

No, right? Give him a break!!

Me : Louder cackles

Arjun : He will also learn slowly I think no acha?

Maddy : coughs…definitely arjun

The man : After 600 metres, take a left

Arjun : Acha!

Maddy : Don’t worry, I am not listening to him so we will not fall off the flyover!!!!!!! .

Me : Maddy, the most sensible thing you have done in your life is using this thing on a road well traveled!.

Maddy : I must not have set it right. It cant be wrong

Me : “Gosh, If you thought that way with me, we would NEVER fight!!

Maddy : glare

Arjun : I think he is tired he is not talking anymore

Maddy : That’s because I switched him off.

Arjun : Why????? I like him!!! He tells all funny wrong ways!!

And so it became two vs one for The Man

We didnt see Mr GPS Man in action for some time after that. But I was quite sure maddy was two timing the two of us.

My hunch seemed bang on when the other day, Maddy said, “ If you promise you wont laugh, I want to do something”. We promised. And repented.. as The Man took us on another wild goose chase.

Some time after that, arjun and I settled down to watch a movie called “The Golden Compass”

Arjun : What is a compass, amma?

Me : Its like a GPS arjun……………
….and I clapped my hand to my mouth…but I was too late.

Maddy’s voice rang out : What was that ? What was that? What was that?
(yup, three times!)

Arjun : She said it was like a GPS

Maddy : I knew it !! You like him too dont you arch?

Big groans all around….

Maddy : so where shall we go today?