Monday, November 30, 2009

That time of the year again.

All fun in winter ceases
When you have a little boy who wheezes.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Price of Happiness

Rs 89/-

The price of one hot wheels 'racing' car.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Right or Not ?

Arjun, name five vegetables...

Potato, carrot, onion, murungakka and pattani. Correct amma?

:) :) :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Me : OK kiddos, time to go back to your homes... we are going out now.

One of arjun's friends : Where are you going?

Me : We are going out for lunch.

Him : Why? You dont have any food here?

!!!!! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dirty Dancing :)

And then there are some days when all you want to do is go dancing!!

Most probably the only thing that comes close to being something i am passionate about, dancing and me go a long way. I will always remember my first performance. I must have been around six years old when there was a wedding in the family. Hordes of cousins landed up at my grand father's house and somebody let it slip that i didnt think twice about dancing. Suddenly, there were clamours all around for a dance.

I insisted that all the doors be closed. (It didnt matter that everybody was already inside the 'performance room' !) And then i sang and danced - 'I am a disco dancer..ta na na na" My aunt felt the need to explain my 'steps' ocassionaly like - oh, she is shifting the 'mike' from hand to hand' which would always be followed by an 'ohhhh' that went around the room. I was least bothered by this continuous explanation because in my mind, i was right next to mithun chakraborthy, matching him step for step. Needless to say, i got thunderous applause that evening and relentless torture for the rest of my life as the cruel cousins would remember my performance and publicly describe it every time we met.

That, however, did not douse my passion one bit. Fast forward to sometime when i was in the seventh or eigth standard. Most of the dancing i got to see was in the movies. I knew i was not pretty enough to be the heroine but i was quite sure i looked better than all those ladies behind her who also danced when she did. So i did not think twice. I walked up to my dad and said, "Daddy, i want to join the movies and be a dancer" My dad, being the sensible person he is, did not react at all. He just nodded and smiled. But that very summer, my dad called somebody who called somebody who called somebody and who called somebody else and it was all arranged. We were going to see 'movie shootings'. I was so excited, i could hardly breathe.

Since we were living in Andhra Pradesh then as well, i got to see a few south indian movies being shot. I saw Venkatesh at his prime doing a fight sequence. I saw Amala and Srividya and just missed rajnikanth in a movie they were doing together. And finally, we got to see a dance sequence - one which i will never forget. It was the actress called Ramya Krishnan dressed in something like a bharathanatyam costume but minus the sleeves and a whole lot of other parts. So, ok, i swallowed a bit. And then, in the forty five minutes that we watched them, they did a small 5 second step over and over and over again. Which was also ok. But the last straw was that between each practice, this small, dark, hairy man would walk up to the actress and actually wipe her sweat off her back.

My movie aspirations came to a grinding halt.

I still love to dance though and have gone for a class or two and had the best time of my life. Jun and i freak out quite often in our living room while maddy wonders why he couldnt have married some nice quiet girl who will just cook and look nice for him. Luckily in this one respect, Jun totally takes after me. Amazing energy and fun but slightly lacking in the talent department.

But when did THAT ever stop a dancer ? ;p

Friday, November 6, 2009

Little Ram

Today, i realized that one of arjun's classmate's dad actually drives the auto rikshaw that he brings his son in. I was at once both happy and sad. Happy because we put him in this school and not in any of the other fancy international ones for precisely this reason - that a classroom should be truly representative of the society that it exists in, as opposed to a classroom that caters to just a particular class of people.

I was also sad because now when i think of that little boy, i see not just him but all those hopes and dreams riding on his little shoulders and i wonder if they will give him wings or god forbid, weigh him down.

I have not struggled. For anything. My parents have and my grandparents may have, but my sister and i were brought up not lacking anything. We honestly dont know what it means to have to sacrifice something. There was absolutely no pressure on us to do a particular course or try for a particular subject. We did what we wanted and what we liked and i know that not many people have that much of freedom.

But it nags me. Are we lesser in some way because we have got it easy? Or are the challenges we face today just less basic and more complex? I just heard arjun boasting to the kid next door about our new tv and i could not help but cringe and try to shush him. I wonder if little ram whose dad drives the autorikshaw will be impressed by our new tv? Arjun has not really done anything to deserve all that we buy him but then, did we?

My heart goes out to the poor for sure. But it really feels for those who are not poor. Who cannot and will not beg. Who try to make ends meet. Who try to put their children in the best schools possible so that atleast the next generation will make it to the next level.

After twenty years, it is highly possible that like all telugu kids, little ram will find his way to america and rake in the dollars while arjun might be a struggling artist or something because we are going to encourage him to do what he loves best. Whatever the future holds for both these kids, i hope they find happiness and contentment. I also hope that we as parents, dont have any regrets about the way we did things.

I sure as hell hope my parents dont!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The scary lady i call amma, says...

" Children are bringing up such obedient parents these days"


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The killer kids!

All the kids in our floor somehow land up in our home.

According to my very wise landlady, it means that lady of the house is a very nice person.

Result, while i feel like lifting each one by the scruff of their necks and throwing them out, i glare and then smile and turn a blind eye to my terribly messy living room.

Maddy thinks we should just get access cards or something for all of them so we are atleast saved the trouble of having to open and close the door every ten minutes!

Why did my landlady have to say that and force me to be this nice person i really am all!!!!!

But junjun is happy. So we may curse but we smile.

And ok...lets face it...they actually are good fun :p

Monday, November 2, 2009

When two planets collide...

She : What a pretty vase!!!

He : Doesnt it look like a spittoon?


He : I live with you and you want me to 'connect' with you on some site????

She : I dont like you one bit. (Especially when you make sense!)


And then they turned six !!

Happy anniversary maddy!