Friday, December 28, 2007

Joy to the World!

I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas. We sure did!! Bobby and Thath came down and just being together was more than we could ask for.

Junjun ofcourse had to do something for me to blog about.

It was with great pride that i arranged our little crib on a side table we have. Christmas Morn dawned and i showed junjun what i had done. I should have known better than to leave him alone near it. I had barely turned when suddenly, he grabbed the new born baby right out of the manger and said 'amma, look!! kutty papa missing. That aunty and uncle are looking for it!!' I gave him a stern warning not to touch the kutty papa again.

A little while later, i heard maddy calling me quite anxiously. I went and saw what the matter was. There on the little table, all the characters from donkey to wise man were lined up in one straight line, all looking over the edge of the table like they were going to walk the plank. I couldn't help but smile because there, seemingly stranded in the manger, was the kutty papa, untouched.

My little man of honour :) Merry Christmas everybody!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Health is Wealth Day!!

Junjun's sports day was called that. And it has taken me quite some time to recover enough to write about it.

His grandfather was an athlete and so was his mother and his dad was a hockey player - so how bad could it get?

Real bad.

There they were. Seven little ones ready to start off on their running race. Arjun's name was called but i couldnt see him there! And then at the end of the track, there is this tiny boy with his back to the starting line. It cant be, i thought to myself. But it was. Our very own flesh and blood, obviously minus the athletic genes.

The whistle blew and our man calmly turned around and strolled across the first few steps .... and .... stopped! By now all the other children were running and all their parents were screaming with joy and pride. And then there were Maddy and me...watching in stunned silence as arjun became one of the only two children to be escorted till the finish line by an ayah.

But never mind. we thought. There was still the parent-child race and i had geared up for it by ensuring i wore my sneakers. I had decided i would let arjun run on his own and would only do the puzzle placed half way across the track and then let arjun run again. But that apparently was not the idea everybody else had. Barely had the whistle blown when the children were swung around hips and parents both big and small dashed off to do the jigsaw puzzle. My little man bawled his lungs out when i held his hand and started running. So i had to stop and pick him up to prevent the impression of torture. I had barely bent to put the 6 piece jigsaw together when i realized i was the only one still sitting! So my butterfly jigsaw had a distinct picasso effect as parts flew all over the place and i trudged off with arjun.

We came last. Not just last but so very last that no one realized we didnt actually complete the race. I looked at Maddy sitting under the shamiana and he shrugged and shook his head in disbelief. I was totally torn between wanting to laugh and hide at the same time. And all this while arjun was shrieking his head off.

Since this was a pre-schooler event, it was clearly mentioned in the invite that all events were participatory and NOT competitive. So the end of the day saw arjun get a medal and a certificate just like all the other kids. (applause!! both for the school and junjun pl)

I suspect Maddy was relieved he came for the event in a different car so no one would know that he was connected to us in ANY way. :)

I would write more but i've got to go pay for my membership in the new gym thats opened up. They asked me if i wanted to lose weight and after i narrowed my eyes, they quickly added 'or gain weight?' i told them i wanted to be fit. After all i have just 12 months left for the next sports day!!!

A little Big Thing

Its official. Arjun's application submitted and registration fee has been paid. He is not going to lose a year. LKG, 2008 - here we come!! Three cheers to the CBSE Board which did not think he was too young..hip hip hooray!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Arjun's remix of cock-a-doodle-doo

'...and the master lost his piddle stick and doesnt know what to do!

ouch! ;)


It is mind boggling how a seemingly angelic child can change a previously composed and balanced woman into a screaming banshee who can sometimes double up as a raving lunatic.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ball Blooper

"Ammaaaaaa i am going to hit you in the balls."


First there was the palmist in dakshinchithra who told me i should have been born a boy according to my palm...and i always thought some other part of one's anatomy determined one's sex.

Then there are my most frequent mailers who tell me i can 'make it longer and more powerful' with their pills...

and now my own flesh and blood is casting aspersions on my ...well..whatever!!!?

THUNK! Two smiley balls landed on my back, rousing me from my disturbing reverie. Never been happier...he meant with the balls.

But that was fun ;)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Wren & Martin, move over!

Arjun : Amma, we brung the Dhoom Machade CD from ammamma's house no?

Me : we brung???

Arjun :No, no, we branged the CD no?

Wren & Martin, RIP :)