Monday, July 30, 2007


There are a few very important things i have forgotten to record.

1. One week short of turning two and a half, arjun finally started to pedal. It was such a huge relief! I am sure the cycle is feeling better too.

2. As on the first of July, we said a final goodbye to the automan coz acha bought ammamma's car for arjun. Ammamma now drives around in a sporty new santro. I am now arjun's official chauffer.

3. Arjun got his first pets - 6 goldfish (care of ammamma and thatha) As of now, 4 remain.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chennai Chapter

Chennai was a flurry of poojas and vadhiyaars, homams and ellai saapaadu. Being the first death anniversary of our dear achan.....arjun's grandfather from maddy's side, rajesh and shanti (arjun's periyappa and preiyamma) ensured they left no stone unturned in ensuring all the rites and rituals were performed. Am sure achan is smiling in heaven. May his soul rest in peace.

Occupied as we were with all this, we didnt have much time to visit anybody. Thath (and bobby who celebrated their first wedding anniversary on the fifteenth) came and chauffered us around for a couple of days and it was pure fun.

Coming back to coimbatore, we all felt the sadness one always feels when a holiday is over.... but as they say, there is no place like home.

Arjun, after his chennai visit, talks nineteen to the dozen. Hates going to school all over again and tried to convince me that 'school is closed. amma'.

Must mention here that all the vadhiyars fell in love with him, tx to the promptness with which he collapsed face down on the floor each time he had to do a namaskaram!! actually, even we all loved him a little more :)

Expecting the chennai side of the family to visit us next month. Just cant wait to see arjun and suraj together again. Brothers in arms. Absolutely!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Chennai Chit

Logging in from 'abhase's' sexy laptop in chennai. Having a lovely time watching suraj and arjun bond....not that they needed to...they just seemed to pick up where they left off. Blood is thicker than water? so true!

Chennai has changed so much. Am not sure i can live here again. The reason - the terrible traffic. As our very own kochamma put it, 'some traffic police person from bangalore has been transferred here and is messing up chennai too!'

Loved this line thath! ;)

Detailed chennai chit when i am back home.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Today is 'Bring your favourite toy to school' day.

With arjun, as with any other child, the latest toy is always the favourite. My boy went to school with a musical gun (it plays a tune when you keep pressing the trigger and also has a ball on top which kind of opens up and reveals a little man inside). It has the add-on feature of being a whistle if you place the barrel in your mouth - like one would if one is planning to shoot himself.

Since we didnt know about the built in whistle, you can imagine how shocked we were when we saw arjun putting the gun into his mouth barrel first. A thousand thoughts flashed through my mind in a second. Did this act have some dark psychological basis? Have we failed as parents? Is he watching something he shouldnt be on television? (he can switch it on by himself now). Luckily these pleasant thoughts were stopped in their tracks by the piercing, mind shattering sound of a whistle being blown.

Boy, what a relief!! Toy makers though, are having some kind of sick fun.

I just hope the teacher doesnt reprimand me for sending that gun to school. He does love it so....

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dhoom II

Want to make him eat properly, play Dhoom II

Want him to do something, promise to play Dhoom II

Want him to stop doing something, threaten NOT to play Dhoom II.

Want to make him happy, say he looks just like 'rithi roshan' in Dhoom II

Want to make him dance, play the title track of Dhoom II

Maddy and I are planning to present the idea of playing it in a loop to the army. It works very effectively as a form of torture and leaves no physical scars.