Friday, January 30, 2009

Just another day

Jun getting ready to do his homework - "amma, this time can you be the writer and i can be the eraser?"

Watching me go at some sugar cane with all i got : " amma you have very SHARK teeth no?"

During breakfast " amma, the sugar is very tasty . . . did you make it?"

grrrrrr :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kite 'Flighting' and Zooing

Kiting part two turned out to be surprisingly more challenging than the first time. For some reason, the kites wouldnt take off. But we tried and tried and finally our little dream was soaring in the sky.

Now here is the funny part...we cut three kites that came to cut us without actually trying to do anything of the sort. We just used the smarter thread in self defence ;)

Then ofcourse, we cut two of our own kites with bad flying.
Salman just wouldnt take off and actually tore.
I prefer to think he just did not want to leave my side.

We did not beg but we borrowed and we stole!!!
Oh yeah...when our kites first refused to take off, a kind expert- kiter neighbour told us to try one of his. So we borrowed.
Then we even picked up a kite that had the misfortune to be cut and land on our terrace. What a delicious thrill THAT was...flying somebody else's kite....
MAN it felt so good to be bad!!! :)

As we finished kiting and were on our way down, we saw another family making their way to the terrace.
'See how well equipped THEY are' said Maddy. So i looked and lo and behold...the wife was carrying about half a dozen kites and the husband was carrying about half a dozen beer bottles!!
Now we know how to go kiting the next time.

Then came zooing.
As a birthday treat, we took junjun to the zoo

"The tigers are nice acha but where is the pink panther's cage?"

It was a lovely day indeed :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


...and then he turned four!!!

:) :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blue who? Happenings in the new year...

We brought in the new year watching the Dark Knight in IMAX. Late night show... i will skip right to arjun's verdict. The guy actually stayed awake through the movie and even discussed it for about an hour into the new year!!!

I thought it was quite good especially since the previous movie i watched in a theatre was something called 'Dostana' Nobody and i really mean nobody told me how absolutely crass and crude and un-funny it was. In fact everybody said it was an enjoyable movie. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING????

But that was in the last year so let me come back to the present and why we are not at all blue anymore....a new maid has made an entrance into our lives and she does not expect to be called 'Your majesty' like the other hyd maids. Only if you are a woman and run a home will you understand the gravity of this event.

And then we went KITING!!

Atleast that is what arjun told all and sundry as we trudged our way to the terrace with two precious kites and a roll of thread. Leading the troop was Maddy who apparently was 'world-famous-in-his-locality'kind of a kiter in his younger days.

Over the years,I have learnt that the few claims he makes are not to be taken lightly and he proved it yet again as he expertly threaded the kite and in no time, our little silver rhombus with a tail was sailing in the skies with three sets of adoring eyes following its every dip and rise. Then arjun got to hold the thread and so did i.

It was like a dream we never actually had came true. The wonder of it all was fantastic.

And then came the villain. A jaundiced yellow kite with manja thread (thread coated with glass pieces) came closer and closer and our white thread was no match. We were too brave to quickly lower the kite so we fled till we couldnt any longer and in one neat cut, the dirty yellow kite had cut our silver rhombus and we were left just holding a limp white thread.

Maddy was so wild that they came after the kite that arjun was actually flying that he turned to the group and showed them THE finger. I thought that was mighty brave of him considering those boys were just FIVE terraces away ;)

Anyway, the net result is that day before yesterday, Maddy prepared for war. He came back with around six kites, lots of white thread but lots more of manja thread. Tomorrow will be show time and we have never been so excited before.

Love this city!! :)

ps : Love is . . . getting your salman-khan-fan-wife a kite with his picture on it!!!

:) :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Blues

Maddy saw me reading 'Good Housekeeping' and just couldnt take it. He took one look at our not very neat and tidy premises and promptly banned me from reading the magazine.

To add injury to insult, he insists that since he does most of the cleaning up anyway, HE will now start reading the damn thing. Apparently, he can do a much better job than me.

The scary part is that he is most probably right.



Monday, January 5, 2009

old is gold? naah....

Junjun to very un-amused ammamma and thatha :

Your hair has become older no?