Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gosh, its been a while.

Balancing the little bit of consulting that i do with managing a family has taken its toll on my blogging. Mornings have become replicas of those portrayed in taare zameen par...except, its worse. So a short getaway to chennai for the long weekend? Heaven!!

No visit to chennai is complete without going to spencer plaza and buying a ridiculously overpriced toy from landmark. But this visit, i truly enjoyed.

" Junjun, you want the Doctor set or the cooking set?"

"you sure?"

" sure you dont want the doctor set"?

i couldnt help singing : "My future is so bright i gotta wear shades...." :) :)

After this lovely start to the day, we saw some video games in an almost shady corner of the food court. Arjun and S (his cousin) - fingers itching, begged for a chance to play. S played merrily, making spiderman run into walls over and over again. But no one could understand what arjun's convict-on-the-run was doing.

Exasperated that he was wasting his time making his convict stop every few steps, i started cheering him..... "make him run junjun, make him run".

But no. All i got was a dirty look from my son.

i looked at the screen again. Yup. The Convict was definitely supposed to be running away. I explained that to arjun and then i got this response.

AMMA! Cant you see the traffic light? Only when it is green, he can go!!

I know now that my son is going to grow up into a law abiding citizen.

If only because, he doesnt stand a chance as a convict on the run.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sharing is Caring!!

Junjun!!!! Why did you bring back so much of your lunch?

I thought i would leave some for you and acha.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Movie Weekend

I was in the theatre watching the opening credits of 'Kuselan'when i got a call from my sibling.

'Whats up?' she said
'I am in the theatre watching Kuselan', said moi
Oh you poor thing! she said

That should have told me what to expect. But hey, i was about to have the 'rajini' experience on day 3 of a movie release!! nothing could dampen my enthusiasm.

waaaaah. 3 hrs of my life spent in total boredom, waiting for the 'fantastic' last twenty minutes of the movie... which turned out to be, well, not all that fantastic and certainly not worth tolerating the oh-so-gross antics of vadivel for the better part of three hours. Maddy ofcourse thought that nayanthara played an important role in the film and the (totally unnecessary) rain number was, he felt, a turning point, nay a 'curving' point in the movie :)

So finally,nothing dampened my enthusiasm for the movie except for the movie itself. sigh.

Cut to Jaane tu - i watched this before watching Kuselan, and it now became a fantastic movie from a nice, simple, sweet movie. The best part of this one was that every character makes an impression. really. And THAT i think is no easy task. The new Khan had nothing going against him. And the pedigree couldnt hurt either. Genelia didnt have much to say...and was therefore surprisingly tolerable. The other Khans were ridiculous and charmingly so. Rathna Pathak Shah is what i think i will be when arjun is older. Naseerudin Shah has obviously had a blast playing his role. All the other cameos make a distinct impression and somehow, have all in their own way, made this story come together. Over all a lovely movie with lots of things that will make you smile and maybe even guffaw. Would prescribe it as an antidote to the K movie anyday!!

Arjun's take - watched jaane tu fully and slept off half way through Kuselan.

I rest my case.