Thursday, January 14, 2010

The mystery explained!

Arjun explained that when a baby is born, you will know if its a girl or a boy when you see the child's hair and ears.

"If it is wearing earrings, then its a girl amma...and the hair also should be a little longer."


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A prayer is answered...

Its a GIRL!!!!

:) :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A kiss in time...

As is usual these days, i got whacked by arjun on my forehead as he swung his arms around while playing something.

Couldnt help but grin as he immediately came and rubbed my forehead hard and then gave it one loud, tight kiss.

"Hmmm, what goes around does come around" i thought to myself when arjun asked arjun TOLD me..."you are feeling better now, na?"

When I obediently nodded in agreement, he launched into his new philosophy :

"See amma, i kissed you and you felt better because when i kissed you, your pain went away no?"

Again i nodded obediently.

"Amma, see, i am a PAIN KISSER!!! From now on, whenever anybody is hurt, i am going to KISS them TIGHTLY!!!"

Since i didnt have the heart to damage his 'super-kisser-man' image, i nodded again.

So flying doctors are out...please welcome the new age kissing doctor...who i hope won't get into trouble at school!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Flying high...

Why i enjoy flying with jun :

Just as we are taking off : "Ready, get set, GO!!!!'....and the plane obediently takes off!!

After the take off : "Amma, have we come out of the world now?"

During the flight : "Amma, i can see INDIA!!!"

During the flight : " Why do they give the same book and broken pencil again and again? They dont have anything else?"

As we descend for landing : Amma, i have MAGIC ears. If i yawn, i can hear better!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Beginnings?

Christmas :

Stared and stared at little sis who is currently BIG with child and looking more and more like my mom every day!! Discovered that my brother in law is a rock star, hiding his light under the proverbial bushel. The christmas spirit was terribly evident with him letting junjun play his 27k guitar...while the rest of us held our breath! Luckily no damage done and i hope i have a budding 'geeetarist' at home!

Old friends dropping by, catching up with relatives passing by...everyone tired of me repeating my 'Oh we live in the US of A - United States of Andhra Pradesh " joke, ...great food, fun decorations, lots of shopping, mom and dad doing all the work while we just lazed or caught up with the gilmore girls...yup - a perfect christmas.

Now coming to All that i have to look forward to in the new year :

1. Arjun getting a brand new cousin....(heavy lobbying going on with Mr G up there that it should be a girl! ; are all free to sign the petition too )

2. Jun turning five and actually wanting a birthday party!

3. Jun moving to first standard (inshah allah!) and having school till 3.30pm

4. Me having more time than i need on my hands

5. Me looking out for a job - to become some sort of a research scholar and teach - or to go back to the big bad corporate world?

Decisions, decisions.....but what is life without them?

Here is wishing everybody a HAPPENING new year!! :)