Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catching Up!

So much catching up to do....our first loooooong drive as a family, arjun's new school and our hunt for a new home. Too much to write, too little time.

Evening - car comes back from the service centre and early the next day we drive down from hyderabad to chennai!! Lovely time except for arjun asking us every ten minutes "are we in chennai now?"

Arjun's new school is just that - new. Will qualify it as time goes by...but i have no complaints as of now. Arjun is very thrilled that he is again put into I 'C'...yup...his priorities are a little different :)

My search for a life partner was a piece of cake compared to my current hunt for a reasonably priced decent home in Chennai. It doesnt worry me that i am not over thrilled about the houses in my budget. It scares me that even the ones way above my budget are so awful!!!

As for right now, we are re-enacting the story of the Arab and the camel with my in-laws....i suspect they are house hunting for us much more aggressively than we are! ;p

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I wonder...

..if anything can feel worse than the sound of car scraping pillar when you are the one driving.

Sad. Angry. Sad. Very Angry.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Winds of Change...

...are shoving us around again!

The intention of this post is not to communicate how much i hate leaving hyderabad; even if it is to go to chennai. It is, ofcourse, about something more entertaining :)

Arjun does entrance exam in prospective school and comes to meet me.

Jun, you took ten minutes to finish that...are you sure you did everything? Did you write correctly AND beautifully?

Yes amma, thats why i took TEN minutes, other wise i would have finished earlier.

:) smug smile from mom :) But the story does not end there.

Jun : Amma, i really like this school

Me : Really? Why da?

Jun : The teachers have such nice faces!!

Me : The teachers have such nice FACES?!! (I must have stressed 'faces' a bit too much coz jun's next reconciliatory remark was...)

Jun : Their other body parts are also nice.

:) just when i think i've heard it all! :)