Monday, January 28, 2008

The Birthday Do

It was a lovely party :)

He got beaten up by a little lady six months younger to him.

The 3 candles were really well used as they were lit over and over again till all the kids had their turn blowing them out.

Each time someone else blew the candles, he bawled

He spat out the cake.

His presents got opened by someone else. One is still missing.

The best part of this birthday was the fact that for the first time, junjun seemed to know that he was the ocassion. We could see it on his face!

Next time though, a kiddie party minus the kids would be seriously considered!

Loo Blues

Arjun has learnt to use the bathroom all by himself ... most of the time. My core competency is surely and steadily becoming redundant.

Friday, January 18, 2008

January 18, 2008

And then he turned three :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A trip to the hills where nature's bountiful beauty is so in your face - puts things in perspective -like how deliciously insignificant one is in the grand scheme of things.

A lovely holiday. A special aunt for company along with my parents. A lovely park that junjun just wouldnt come out of. The most amazing boat ride of my life. Seeing elephants in the wild. Views that took my breath away (and almost some of my just eaten lunch too...) Lovely long drives on rubberized roads. And when we were back home, Junjun asking everyone whether we wanted to smell his feet.

A perfect holiday :)

Friday, January 11, 2008


School Fees : A tool used to contol a nation's population.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Taaren Zameen Par

I Bawled through taaren zameen par.

Now, i am no expert on movie making but i do believe that any movie that can actually make you feel you are able to relate to just about all the characters, is truly great. And i loved every minute of it. Every word, every scene and every song. First half, second half and well..even the middle half.

My mom used to tell me that to get your message across in simple language is more challenging than using big, bombastic language with long words and complicated sentences. I do believe the same challenge applies to movies as well. Aamir Khan (may his tribe increase) , in his simplicity, has achieved greatness. And i for one, totally love him now.

Dyslexia is really one of the more minor disorders children suffer. I must at this point, introduce my neighbours. Seven year old V has an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and S, who must be around nine, is classically autistic. Now this is where real life happily deviates from the movie. I have never seen parents who are so focussed, patient and persevering, so full of hope that some day soon their children will be like the others. The energy and patience they need to handle their children is immense. I once heard S's mother call him more than 28 times just to get his attention. Not once did her tone vary. It was the same insistent, affectionate tone over and over again.

Arjun's eczema, which for us, was the worst thing that could happen to any child, pales in comparison to the problems that these children and parents face. Frequent trips to NIMHANS, special schools, being pulled up by teachers over and over for being violent with other children, the social stigma, the inlaws, so many factors they have to juggle wth and still go on with the hope that some day, it will all be worth it.

It does seem true that these children have a special gift. S who is autistic, sings like an angel and plays the keyboard and mouth organ by ear! V has one of the most vivid rolls of imagination i have ever seen in any child. He once threatened to turn me into a rabbit if i dont let him play with arjun a little longer (i suspect Maddy and he became good friends after that particular incident)

Whether they have something they are good at or not, i think Aamir Khan got it right. Every child is special. And anyone who can see that is special too.