Thursday, August 30, 2012

Too Long!

You know its been too long since you blogged when you forget the hyphen in your blog's address!!

Now, the reason for the post :

Amma, S (little girl downstairs) and i were having a dinosuar war. We both drew our dinosaurs and they were going to fight with each other. You know what i called mine?

What da?

(With necessary scary voice and movements) : I named mine 'KILLER FORCE'

Ooooh arjun, that sounds dangerous!

YES Amma!! (quite happy that i had got it.)

 Do you know what S named hers ?

Tell me jun...

She named it (in falsetto)...'beauty butterfly' What kind of a name is that amma for a dinosaur?? And she also drew little butterflies all over its body!!

...and mother and son chuckled over a girl.

 May the good times last!!