Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Un-Quotable quotes

Arjun at the dentist : But amma, i LIKE my dirty teeth!

Arjun at Thatha's house : Why should i say excuse me? That noise did not come from my mouth...!

Arjun at home : Amma, are you my sister?


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sexual Discrimination?

Sad but true.

A three and a half year old boy can and does actually discriminate between sexes.

The ladies in his school are called 'aunty' and the men are 'that yoga guy' and 'the music man'

...and that is nothing compared to what happened the other day when i told him i need to go to the doctor. He says to me, 'Amma, dont lift up your shirt for the doctor okay?"

Recovering quickly from my shock i asked as cockily as i possibly could - 'and why not'?

Pat came the reply - 'because only boys should do that. YOu are a girl!'

Did NOT lift my shirt for the doctor :)

Still, i cannot help but wonder.

What does he know? What doesn't he know? What all goes on in that little head?!?!

Sure beats me.