Friday, May 29, 2009

Another one bites the dust!

I just read that Archie is going to get married....and to Veronica!!!!

Poor poor poor Betty.

Like most girls, I could relate more Betty than to Veronica.


I am thrilled for Archie. Really.

He was clearly more besotted with Veronica then he ever could be with anybody else. He is marrying the woman of his dreams AND his fantasies...a good thing for anybody!!!


Betty ?

Betty will most probably hurt for a while, then will be too sensible to spend her life doing that so she would pick up, move on and would, in all probability, do better than an Archie.

Because, lets face it - as lovable as he is, at the end of the day, Archie is and always will be, a bit of a wus..

Give me single minded Jughead ANY day!! ;)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Glad i didnt give up midway!!

Margaret Atwood - The Blind Assassin - WOW!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The genesis

I am back to using diapers and wipes for arjun and it got me thinking that a big part of the jun story was actually missing since i started this blog only after his non stop big mouth started functioning. So for the record, here it is - The genesis.

We had decided to open it together. So we did.
Then we read and re-read and then read it aloud to each other just in case one of us was hallucinating.

“What the hell did that mean?” We thought

"Mildly Positive"

We had paid good money for a report that told us that I might be having a baby? I am having a little bit of a baby? My neighbor is having a baby? We just didnt get it.

The gynecologist did her own test the next day and said “You young lady, are very definitely going to have a baby. Congratulations!! "

Oh? I thought.

“Thank you” I smiled at the doc.

Walked out in a daze.

There was another living creature inside me?

The only visual I could get was that part in the movie called aliens where you can see the alien move inside the lady’s stomach. I quickly tried to think of more pleasant things as I saw maddy waiting to hear what the result was.

“We are going to have a baby” I said.

Oh? He said.

We both smiled uncertainly at each other, now having one thing undeniably in common.

We were BOTH shit scared.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grow Up!

Growing up is finding out
That things are not just wrong or right

Growing up is finding out
That life is not either black or white

Growing up, is one fine day,
Discovering, the colour grey

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank you.

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me a little boy who is the most co-operative and cheerful patient ever!

Thank you for ensuring his bones are growing back just fine. Just wanted you to know that I wouldnt complain if it took less than the next three weeks for the whole cast to come off.

Thank you for the doctor who seems to have done a good job and who also made me feel so nice by saying that arjun's was the most well maintained cast he had ever seen.

Thank you for a mother-in-law who is managing my home completely, ensuring i spend all my time with arjun.

Thank you for ammamma's visit...i felt like i got a ready to take on the world again.

Thank you for all the concern shown by all my friends and family. Its nice to know there are so many people who really care.

And thank you for all my blogger help them write more often as they are my only source of entertainment :)