Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reality Bites ...and how!!

I DONT WANT to go to school. I want to sit at home and do NOTHING like YOU!!

...and this was said in all earnestness!!

Anybody with a job for an hr professional in hyderabad, please contact me so i can repair my image. sigh!! I really thought he would be older before he got all ungrateful on me :(

Monday, July 12, 2010

The age bender!

Me : Arjun, let me make it very clear...if you dont finish your homework, you are NOT going to that birthday party in the evening.

Jun : AMMA! You know something? When your birthday party is going on, do you know what i am going to do? I am going to CANCEL it!!

Me : Have you ever seen me have a birthday party?

Jun : No, but IF you do, i will cancel it and you know what will happen when i cancel it no? You will stay the same age!!!

I died laughing :)